…and we are back..

so, the long leave of absence  was because us – eats vegetables and eats chicken were kind of dismantled. I can speak for eats chicken because the guy was relocated and sent off packing (you have all the space chicken eater to defend your cause here….) we hope to be more regular with our posts, and we promise to use this space judiciously. we are back with full power and in full form.

post soon.



Hot tea with ice = Iced tea

Yes, we have been slaved by the foreign masters making us work extra hard. You see, this is the reason why we are not frequent over the internet, or is it innernet as Americans pronounce.

Many things happened in these absent days in our part of the world. One of the contributors found her liberty and now probably having cake from a famous cafe, sitting on her porch at home, enjoying tv (yes, we are jealous). the work pressure increased and we became more dull, or doll (probably later sounds great for some of us) but this doesn’t mean we didn’t grow. We did but from waist size. We need gym, and that too with all the facilities but cheap price. Hello, anyone listening.

Sorry for deviating from the topic (we were that excited, you see!). So I was at this cafe which name suggests they are expert in coffee making. The place had been like “Central Perks”, from the famous sitcom “FRIENDS”, for me and my gang. We hang out there, laugh out loud, gossip, bitch, and sometimes become sentimental with talks. We are regulars and many times we don’t even need to give orders as smart waiters out there know what we want to have beforehand (sometimes i think they have telepathy power, damn them). Like always we met at the coffee station and for the change i ordered Iced tea. And what i got?

A hot tea, with few cubes (I saw 2) floating around with a straw and a stirrer.

My friend laughed as it reminded her of similar experience at another lunch-restro. I admit, her experience could have been accepted since that place didn’t specialize in coffee and tea but our beloved coffee station doing this? My friends suggested complaining but I didn’t. I needed time to recover. I asked for more ice and made it iced-tea (literally). But next time I am going there, I am going to give them recipe of Iced tea.

Or  I shouldn’t have ordered tea at all. They are experts in coffee but might not be tea. Their name doesn’t have tea, after all they are “Coffee Stations”.

Anyway, if you also think adding ice in hot tea makes it iced tea, there here is the recipe for you too 🙂

  • 4 regular tea bags (orange pekoe or green tea or a combination)*
  • 2 cups fresh cold water
  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Granulated sugar or other sweetener such as Simple Syrup
  • Lemon slices (optional)
  1. Unwrap (if necessary) and carefully slide off any paper attached to the strings of the tea bags; tie the strings together and place the bags in a heat-proof 2-quart pitcher.
  2. Bring 2 cups cold water (always start with fresh cold water) to a rapid boil. Remove from heat and immediately pour over the tea bags. Allow tea to steep for 20 minutes or more. (This process simply forms the “concentrate”. You can store the mixture in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.)
  3. Remove tea bags, squeeze out excess liquid (being careful to not break open the bags) and discard. Fill the pitcher with enough water to equal 2-quarts. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled before serving. Or to serve iced tea immediately, add a dozen or so ice cubes to tea concentrate then fill with water to the 2-quart level.
  4. To serve, pour tea over a generous amount of ice cubes in a tall glass, stirring in desired sweetening and a squeeze of lemon, as desired.

Makes 8 servings.

charlie reporting, roger…roger..

With the technology you think life’s become more convenient and easier. Alas if only this is true.

Every time power comes and goes, my dear PC goes off and on with cruising speed. Technicians tried their hands, un-tested-but-skilled ones gave ideas and my desperate attempts all in vain. So I decided to shift entire system and highjacked new PC brought for our new colleague. But guess what: The problem still came back to hunt me making me realizing the whole problem has something to do with the wiring. Not that our wiring system at work place is fool proof. Poor new interns, their both mac charges smoked. Countless other chargers have been martyr already. I have no idea why this the known fact knocked late in our head.

Apart from bijuli aatanka nowadays i am facing question aatanka. Some people cannot just stop asking questions and given my polite nature i keep answering them. But who would answer my question?

P.S. Oh i forgot to mention this post is for sake of post. You are free to curse me for this stupid post 😛

Need a Ride?

Hot morning in the west Terai, and no rickshaw in sight! What else could be more frustrating especially when your workplace is not rich enough 🙂 to hire a vehicle and you have only 20 more minutes to reach destination. Well, I and my colleague started walking and every few steps we would stop and look around for rickshaw, but none were in sight. At one stop, we were looking around for a rickshaw and this white SUV started slowing down. Both of us did not know who it was and we ignored the SUV, but the SUV stopped right ahead of us, and slowly reversed. The driver kept looking back, as if urging us to get into the vehilce. We didn’t know the driver and we didn’t feel comfortble with the way the situation was turning. We kept looking the other way and talking. The SUV just stayed there, and the driver kept looking at us, and he wouldnt move. It was a long five minutes, and fortunately after about five uncomfortable minutes, there was a rickshaw coming our way, we got on it and scooted away. The SUV, finally got the hint and took off as well!!


Superstition or plain stupid!

Who is more powerful? A traffic police person or a cat?

C’mon be honest!!

Our office is right next to the very narrow but busy and chaotic road. We see people walking, bikes speeding with their honks. Sometimes we see few couples snuggling together making us go “Awwww, how sweeet”. Sometimes, we see funny people that makes us laugh or makes us wonder: what might have happened leading to never ending guessing game each with own version of story.

Today we saw the proof, who is more powerful and apparently it’s a cat, actually it’s not even the cat but a small kitten.

There was this little fellow (kitten) which decided to go venture in the street. One biker came and crossed the road. But gosh, what happened? The bike nearly hit another bike. Was the famous quote “Biralo le bato kate naramro huncha” proving right? But they were just trying to save the kitten, bless their souls.

Then a car came, that too not our beloved MarutiSuzuki but a high-end car. And suddenly the kitten again cross the road, looking for a wayout. The road was empty but the car stopped. No it didn’t move but kept on waiting for someone to come and cross first. As a good Samaritan, a biker came and passed (must have been sent by Lord Shani so that he doesn’t have to spend his precious second showering wrath to this person who is so bhakta and believer). Thanking god for sending someone to take all the cat-curse, the car moved on.

And we joined his pray, thanking the  never-seen-nor-heard one. We really did!!

How can thomba improve your health?

Thomba is a Tibetan Wine, usually made by fermenting millet using yeast. It has a mild, slightly sweet and sour taste and only contains 2 % of alcohol. It is served in a stein like metal mug with a lid through which a metal straw extends. The fermented millet is put into the steel mug and hot water is added. An extra pot of hot water is given along with the drink so that the drink can be enjoyed until the taste of the Thomba loses its potency (can last up to 3 to 4 hours). This mild drink is not intoxicating at all mainly due to the low content of alcohol. It warms up the body and relieves all muscular aches and pains. Tibetans enjoy this drink in cold and rainy days to heat up the body. Since today is cold and rainy like day, who is interested in drinking Thomba? 

we don’t post because….


No new posts? Blame Electricity authority. Blame Bryan Adams.

No we didn’t go to his concert and we are sad not to shout and destroy our vocal cords and suffer from leg-back-body pain. Yes, there are people who are idiots who don’t go despite being offered the most expensive tickets!

But there are reasons for it!

Valentine, Etiquettes and …..

So today’s Valentine’s day…. the day of celebration of love.

Happy Valentine's day Honey! Photo source: ekantipur.com

But when you don’t have anyone, it’s just another regular day. No, I am not jealous of anyone. Anyway why do we need to devote one day for love, there’s 365 days for love, unless you are kind of hanky-panky person. (Oh, I know I am a smartass. One of my friend told me that this is very good way to console myself. Agree, disagree. Of course I disagree.)

Yesterday a micro-driver was talking why government should declare Feb. 14 a national holiday. He argued it’s a festival and a country where for every reason there’s holiday why not one more holiday for love. We need love now not war. (All those who advocate for armed revolt, you listening?)

Everyone is talking about it. P.S. my nephew is also shouting about valentine’s day, wishing everyone; including me. He said to my mom yesterday: No there are no homeworks today because tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Can you believe kids these days? Leave my nephew, I was talking how commercial love has become  these days. I had enough of red roses and gifts displayed everywhere. Even at footpath kya. Aba tyo ta atti nai bho ni. Sales guy was shouting: Discount, Discount, Aja valentine’s day bhayera matra discount. As if I believed him.

So what my second heading was: Etiquettes! Some young girls were  rushing behind me. Few things were hanging down my hand and back, it’s always the case. Yes, call me unorganized. Then my paper fell off, and arrgggghh.. the girl stepped on it and just went on as if nothing happened. She didn’t say sorry, or ops or any emotion. She saw the paper, me and went away with a devil smile. Where was her manner anyway. No! No!! She is not just the lonely one. There are so many others like her. Once a guy closed micro’s window on my friend and all he said was: Oho!! No sorry, no nothing!

When you are in queue, let’s say for cinema or paying bill at NTC, people forget their space and just try to push in. Hello, there’s something called, my turn – your turn. It’s not the case with walking people but also with driving people. The most culprit ones are micro-bus drivers and their conductors. They honk like rest of the world is deaf, they drive like we are rooster who can make way out eventually and they use language only to further consolidate stereotype surrounding driving profession. And no, they are not sorry for this. Leave them, you might wonder how about people who own their own vehicle and are well-educated (in many case Europe, US). Hold your thoughts people they are not saint either. They call (understand mobile) while they drive, like their fellow micro drivers they too honk like there’s no tomorrow, they believe road is for them only not pedestrians and what not, they even don’t leave a little space to move in and get stuck with their vehicle making already chaotic traffic out of control. They are not sorry either!

Where have the manners gone anyway? Isn’t there some etiquettes you have to have?

When I was a kid I was always taught about apologizing for mistakes I made, help people in need and so on. Even we used to have a subject called moral science in school. I heard it has been removed from the syllabus. Is this aftermath effect of such action?

Food for thought! Educators, make moral science a compulsory subject!!