Saturday = Holiday! And to top up: it happened to be festival.

Not for me  (technically i worked over 3 hours). Even the cabbie driver asked: No holiday today? Smiling i said: just few works and then i am home. With clear tone that suggests tsk! tsk! he said: “too bad“.  In my mind i said to him: Stupid, i didn’t have holiday even in last weekend.  Duh!

He was second cab driver. First one gave me wrong cell no. when i asked him so that it would be easy for me to call him again. Funnily the no. turned out to be of Traffic Police’s. Did he think i am a terrorist? No idea! But he seemed to be nice one, suffering from cough. I even spent my wisdom to tell him to have Honeytus, an herbal cough syrup, made by company which has a bad reputation of producing adulterated  juice named Real Juice, irony!

With first driver: I talked about the famous campaign that aims to bring over 1 million tourist over the year in my so-called Shangri-la land. His only comment was: his business is in lousy state and wonders when the tourists would come and help him to make fortune. With tampered meter you never know he might succeed in that. But poor him: where are tourists?

Don’t people take cab in monsoon and winter season? I thought monsoon is the prime season for cabbies. But seems i was wrongly informed.