People are opinionated. Even i have opinion.

This part of world is now freezing… I so wanted to keep sleeping but darn! I have to report to the work, so i pulled myself out of my comfy-warm  bed and headed to office. There i met one of the most opinionated person I have ever met: meet the conductor.

Poor girls, one of them lost her purse in some bus and they realized it only after boarding the micro I was in. Once the idea of losing purse hit them as suddenly as avalanche hits the hills down below, they made the micro stop and got off. Other passengers showed sympathy to the girls and requested conductor to pass the message to the bus where those girls has left purse. But the conductor seemed to have something on his mind.

Conductor began scolding girls terming them careless. And he said: What’s the point of education when they can’t even protect their purse. And I was wondering: What’s education got to do with losing stuffs?

Girls should have been more careful: I agree with him. But now they will learn the lesson and probably be more careful afterwards: but this is the lesson we learn from experience not from school. If education has something to do with not losing anything then it means you will lose everything if you are uneducated. Is this the reason why Nepal lost so much of resources during war with East India Company during early 19th century? Is this reason why we are poor because we keep on losing many of our belongings because vast majority of Nepalis are uneducated?

Are you taught in school how not to lose your belongings? Well I wasn’t taught that lesson but taught how to be responsible about your actions, how to be proactive to find solutions to your problems etc. Forgive me if I belong to previous generation who didn’t have to study on how to protect your belongings.

And no he didn’t inform the bus where girls lost their purse. He decided to punish those girls by blowing last flicker of hope.