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Love me, do you?

With no posts in long time, you might be wondering whether we are always at right place or our ears have gone wrong so that we don’t hear anything. Possibly the first one could be right since I haven’t heard anyone complaining about their ears and No, my ears are all right.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. In fact it’s tomorrow. Long minutes back, I was in micro bus obviously rushing for my work and few school girls were behind me at the last seat. They happen to be talking about their love life. Given the fact that we love to nose in to other’s talks, I gave up my ethics and listened to them.

One girl was being agony aunt and other one: the poor Cinderella who was questioning her love. Following conversation occurred between them

Agony aunt: Does he give you roses, cards and gifts?
Cinderella: Yes he does.
Agony aunt: Does he take you for movies?
Cinderella: Yes, he does.
Agony aunt: If he showers you with gifts/presents and takes you for movies and all, then obviously he loves you very much.
Cinderella: (Giggling and smiling)

So does your valentine love you? Just think whether s/he does same as mentioned by agony aunt. Otherwise, be warned.