So today’s Valentine’s day…. the day of celebration of love.

Happy Valentine's day Honey! Photo source:

But when you don’t have anyone, it’s just another regular day. No, I am not jealous of anyone. Anyway why do we need to devote one day for love, there’s 365 days for love, unless you are kind of hanky-panky person. (Oh, I know I am a smartass. One of my friend told me that this is very good way to console myself. Agree, disagree. Of course I disagree.)

Yesterday a micro-driver was talking why government should declare Feb. 14 a national holiday. He argued it’s a festival and a country where for every reason there’s holiday why not one more holiday for love. We need love now not war. (All those who advocate for armed revolt, you listening?)

Everyone is talking about it. P.S. my nephew is also shouting about valentine’s day, wishing everyone; including me. He said to my mom yesterday: No there are no homeworks today because tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Can you believe kids these days? Leave my nephew, I was talking how commercial love has become  these days. I had enough of red roses and gifts displayed everywhere. Even at footpath kya. Aba tyo ta atti nai bho ni. Sales guy was shouting: Discount, Discount, Aja valentine’s day bhayera matra discount. As if I believed him.

So what my second heading was: Etiquettes! Some young girls were  rushing behind me. Few things were hanging down my hand and back, it’s always the case. Yes, call me unorganized. Then my paper fell off, and arrgggghh.. the girl stepped on it and just went on as if nothing happened. She didn’t say sorry, or ops or any emotion. She saw the paper, me and went away with a devil smile. Where was her manner anyway. No! No!! She is not just the lonely one. There are so many others like her. Once a guy closed micro’s window on my friend and all he said was: Oho!! No sorry, no nothing!

When you are in queue, let’s say for cinema or paying bill at NTC, people forget their space and just try to push in. Hello, there’s something called, my turn – your turn. It’s not the case with walking people but also with driving people. The most culprit ones are micro-bus drivers and their conductors. They honk like rest of the world is deaf, they drive like we are rooster who can make way out eventually and they use language only to further consolidate stereotype surrounding driving profession. And no, they are not sorry for this. Leave them, you might wonder how about people who own their own vehicle and are well-educated (in many case Europe, US). Hold your thoughts people they are not saint either. They call (understand mobile) while they drive, like their fellow micro drivers they too honk like there’s no tomorrow, they believe road is for them only not pedestrians and what not, they even don’t leave a little space to move in and get stuck with their vehicle making already chaotic traffic out of control. They are not sorry either!

Where have the manners gone anyway? Isn’t there some etiquettes you have to have?

When I was a kid I was always taught about apologizing for mistakes I made, help people in need and so on. Even we used to have a subject called moral science in school. I heard it has been removed from the syllabus. Is this aftermath effect of such action?

Food for thought! Educators, make moral science a compulsory subject!!