Thomba is a Tibetan Wine, usually made by fermenting millet using yeast. It has a mild, slightly sweet and sour taste and only contains 2 % of alcohol. It is served in a stein like metal mug with a lid through which a metal straw extends. The fermented millet is put into the steel mug and hot water is added. An extra pot of hot water is given along with the drink so that the drink can be enjoyed until the taste of the Thomba loses its potency (can last up to 3 to 4 hours). This mild drink is not intoxicating at all mainly due to the low content of alcohol. It warms up the body and relieves all muscular aches and pains. Tibetans enjoy this drink in cold and rainy days to heat up the body. Since today is cold and rainy like day, who is interested in drinking Thomba? 