Who is more powerful? A traffic police person or a cat?

C’mon be honest!!

Our office is right next to the very narrow but busy and chaotic road. We see people walking, bikes speeding with their honks. Sometimes we see few couples snuggling together making us go “Awwww, how sweeet”. Sometimes, we see funny people that makes us laugh or makes us wonder: what might have happened leading to never ending guessing game each with own version of story.

Today we saw the proof, who is more powerful and apparently it’s a cat, actually it’s not even the cat but a small kitten.

There was this little fellow (kitten) which decided to go venture in the street. One biker came and crossed the road. But gosh, what happened? The bike nearly hit another bike. Was the famous quote “Biralo le bato kate naramro huncha” proving right? But they were just trying to save the kitten, bless their souls.

Then a car came, that too not our beloved MarutiSuzuki but a high-end car. And suddenly the kitten again cross the road, looking for a wayout. The road was empty but the car stopped. No it didn’t move but kept on waiting for someone to come and cross first. As a good Samaritan, a biker came and passed (must have been sent by Lord Shani so that he doesn’t have to spend his precious second showering wrath to this person who is so bhakta and believer). Thanking god for sending someone to take all the cat-curse, the car moved on.

And we joined his pray, thanking the  never-seen-nor-heard one. We really did!!