Hot morning in the west Terai, and no rickshaw in sight! What else could be more frustrating especially when your workplace is not rich enough 🙂 to hire a vehicle and you have only 20 more minutes to reach destination. Well, I and my colleague started walking and every few steps we would stop and look around for rickshaw, but none were in sight. At one stop, we were looking around for a rickshaw and this white SUV started slowing down. Both of us did not know who it was and we ignored the SUV, but the SUV stopped right ahead of us, and slowly reversed. The driver kept looking back, as if urging us to get into the vehilce. We didn’t know the driver and we didn’t feel comfortble with the way the situation was turning. We kept looking the other way and talking. The SUV just stayed there, and the driver kept looking at us, and he wouldnt move. It was a long five minutes, and fortunately after about five uncomfortable minutes, there was a rickshaw coming our way, we got on it and scooted away. The SUV, finally got the hint and took off as well!!