With the technology you think life’s become more convenient and easier. Alas if only this is true.

Every time power comes and goes, my dear PC goes off and on with cruising speed. Technicians tried their hands, un-tested-but-skilled ones gave ideas and my desperate attempts all in vain. So I decided to shift entire system and highjacked new PC brought for our new colleague. But guess what: The problem still came back to hunt me making me realizing the whole problem has something to do with the wiring. Not that our wiring system at work place is fool proof. Poor new interns, their both mac charges smoked. Countless other chargers have been martyr already. I have no idea why this the known fact knocked late in our head.

Apart from bijuli aatanka nowadays i am facing question aatanka. Some people cannot just stop asking questions and given my polite nature i keep answering them. But who would answer my question?

P.S. Oh i forgot to mention this post is for sake of post. You are free to curse me for this stupid post šŸ˜›