Loves you or not?


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Love me, do you?

With no posts in long time, you might be wondering whether we are always at right place or our ears have gone wrong so that we don’t hear anything. Possibly the first one could be right since I haven’t heard anyone complaining about their ears and No, my ears are all right.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. In fact it’s tomorrow. Long minutes back, I was in micro bus obviously rushing for my work and few school girls were behind me at the last seat. They happen to be talking about their love life. Given the fact that we love to nose in to other’s talks, I gave up my ethics and listened to them.

One girl was being agony aunt and other one: the poor Cinderella who was questioning her love. Following conversation occurred between them

Agony aunt: Does he give you roses, cards and gifts?
Cinderella: Yes he does.
Agony aunt: Does he take you for movies?
Cinderella: Yes, he does.
Agony aunt: If he showers you with gifts/presents and takes you for movies and all, then obviously he loves you very much.
Cinderella: (Giggling and smiling)

So does your valentine love you? Just think whether s/he does same as mentioned by agony aunt. Otherwise, be warned.

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Why is it so difficult to meet people from the past

You head into a nice restaurant enjoying the company of your friends when suddenly the person of the past whom you decided never to confront with is sitting next to the table your are about to sit. Your friends dont know about it, just you. Heart starts pounding, hands starts sweeting, and all the memories comes flowing back inciting both  hatred and love. You dont know wheater to say hi or just walk away as nothing ever went wrong between the two. Anyhow, you decide to be nice and smile to the person and say how are you?  Words suddenly  stops running in the head and next thing you know you are asking your self what to say. Then out of the blue the most stupid statement comes out of your mouth feeling all blushed  and embarrassed. You quietly say goodby to that person to join your friends.  The whole night becomes ruined.

Refugee or just uncomfortable


Stuck at a red light today, I saw a van full of tibetan monks. The trunk of the van had a tibetan monk. The tibetan monk was crouched in the trunk and he was obviously praying very hard! I thought , O my god! a refugee! I looked around hoping that the cops didn’t see him. Apparently he saw me looking at me, and crouched even lower and started praying even harder!! I prayed for the guy as well!
Later, after food in my stomach, I realised that the monk might have been just embarassed at finding me staring at him, and soliciting the ‘praying’ reaction! He’s a grown man after all, and no one likes to travel in car trunk!! Still, my prayer that he doesnt have to travel in a trunk again! That he gets to travel in nice cars!! 🙂

whose fault is it anyway?



People are opinionated. Even i have opinion.

This part of world is now freezing… I so wanted to keep sleeping but darn! I have to report to the work, so i pulled myself out of my comfy-warm  bed and headed to office. There i met one of the most opinionated person I have ever met: meet the conductor.

Poor girls, one of them lost her purse in some bus and they realized it only after boarding the micro I was in. Once the idea of losing purse hit them as suddenly as avalanche hits the hills down below, they made the micro stop and got off. Other passengers showed sympathy to the girls and requested conductor to pass the message to the bus where those girls has left purse. But the conductor seemed to have something on his mind.

Conductor began scolding girls terming them careless. And he said: What’s the point of education when they can’t even protect their purse. And I was wondering: What’s education got to do with losing stuffs?

Girls should have been more careful: I agree with him. But now they will learn the lesson and probably be more careful afterwards: but this is the lesson we learn from experience not from school. If education has something to do with not losing anything then it means you will lose everything if you are uneducated. Is this the reason why Nepal lost so much of resources during war with East India Company during early 19th century? Is this reason why we are poor because we keep on losing many of our belongings because vast majority of Nepalis are uneducated?

Are you taught in school how not to lose your belongings? Well I wasn’t taught that lesson but taught how to be responsible about your actions, how to be proactive to find solutions to your problems etc. Forgive me if I belong to previous generation who didn’t have to study on how to protect your belongings.

And no he didn’t inform the bus where girls lost their purse. He decided to punish those girls by blowing last flicker of hope.

No one here but me to talk about a random day



Saturday = Holiday! And to top up: it happened to be festival.

Not for me  (technically i worked over 3 hours). Even the cabbie driver asked: No holiday today? Smiling i said: just few works and then i am home. With clear tone that suggests tsk! tsk! he said: “too bad“.  In my mind i said to him: Stupid, i didn’t have holiday even in last weekend.  Duh!

He was second cab driver. First one gave me wrong cell no. when i asked him so that it would be easy for me to call him again. Funnily the no. turned out to be of Traffic Police’s. Did he think i am a terrorist? No idea! But he seemed to be nice one, suffering from cough. I even spent my wisdom to tell him to have Honeytus, an herbal cough syrup, made by company which has a bad reputation of producing adulterated  juice named Real Juice, irony!

With first driver: I talked about the famous campaign that aims to bring over 1 million tourist over the year in my so-called Shangri-la land. His only comment was: his business is in lousy state and wonders when the tourists would come and help him to make fortune. With tampered meter you never know he might succeed in that. But poor him: where are tourists?

Don’t people take cab in monsoon and winter season? I thought monsoon is the prime season for cabbies. But seems i was wrongly informed.